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Crisp bread  

Crisp breads are hard breads that are flat and dry, and made using rye. The breads are long-lasting and easily stored, and so they are popular breads to take on long trips. Although once considered a food of the poor, it has seen s surge in popularity in some Nordic countries.


Crisp bread is made from rye, which lends its name to some popular brands of the bread, such as ‘Ryvita’


Crisp bread is thousands of years old and was eaten by the Vikings as they sailed the seas because of its lengthy shelf life, but has been eaten in households since the 19th century.


Crisp breads are made using rye flour, salt and water, and can also contain spices and grains. Some crisp breads can use wheat flour too and can be leavened with sourdough. Unleavened breads are baked with bubbles in the dough, which are inserted to rise the bread. Traditionally, other methods have been used, but the effect is similar. The bread is baked for a short time (a few minutes) at around 225 degrees Celsius.

Health benefits

Because of its fiber content, rye breads are particularly beneficial in comparison with wheat breads. Wholegrain breads are nutritious and low in fat; containing minerals and vitamins.

Health issues

Carcinogens were found in starchy foods in 2002, as the result of an accidental scientific discovery. This chemical can be found in French fries and potato chips, but also in heated bread. The greatest source of the particular chemical found in these foods, however, is coffee. The World Health Organization states that the ingestion of this chemical in whatever amount, poses some risks. These risks are increases though, as more is consumed.